We are a small family run farm/business located in Somerton, Arizona where the sun always shines and the hemp always grows! Come Kill your Chill with us at Pink Chameleon Farm while you check out our Hemp plants and CBD Products, and let us share our passion with you, today.

Our brand new store is located at 1215 S. 4th Ave! See flier below for details!


Pink Chameleon Farm Hemp Tours:

We offer Hemp tours during the season where we emphasize the education around Hemp, including the Agriculture behind growing and harvesting, as well as the production side of the business. If you have ever wondered about Hemp or CBD, we have some great information for you!

The following photos are highlights of one of our tours!

Our Hemp!

We started our farm with 1300 + plants back in July of 2019. Since then, we have nurtured and watched as they have gone into flower! If you could smell these, and see them in person, you would truly be amazed at what a beautiful and powerful plant Hemp really is! We are continuously replanting, harvesting and remaining in compliance with the State of Arizona and take extreme pride in everything we do to bring you the best possible product out there!  We have numerous biological visitors daily, including bumble bees, honey bees, peacocks and lots of chickens roaming around that help aerate the soil and fertilize naturally. Our plants are thriving!

Get in Touch with Us!

Email: pinkchameleonfarm@gmail.com

Phone: 928-261-8452

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Come by the store! 1215 S. 4th Avenue- across from DeSantiago Auto Sales!


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