Terpene Tincture 1000 MG


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1 oz.

Specific Terpenes in our tincture:

* Alpha Pinene: euphoria, increased alertness, reduced production in oily skin, anti-inflammatory

* Linalool: could help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, mood enhancement and is also found in lavender

Delta 3 Carnene: could help with inflammation, memory retention and alertness. Also found in rosemary, basil, bell pepper, cedar

Other Information:

Terpenes bind to our brain’s receptors producing a physiological response that can influence the production of dopamine and seratonin. All of the terpenes in our product listed above, have therapeutic effects creating the Entourage Effect. Why is this important?

Because the terpenes present in CBD oil help the body by improving our ability to absorb beneficial chemicals, overcome bacterial defense mechanisms and increase the absorption and effectiveness of cannabinoids. (Discover Magazine, June 25, 2020)



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