700 mg Dog Tincture

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Ingredients: MCT Fractionated Coconut Oil and CBD oil

Great way to help your pet with pain, anxiety, depression and other symptoms. Can help as an appetite stimulant, help with seizures, nausea, vomiting and other problems.

Give daily.


5 reviews for 700 mg Dog Tincture

  1. Marlys K McNeill (verified owner)

    This CBD Oil has changed the life of our 9 year old German Shepherd! It’s taken a dog who’s hips hurt him so much that he had become very sedentary , to one that can chase the ball again as he could several years ago. We highly recommend and so does our “ Happy Dog”!
    Marlys McNeill

    • Pink Chameleon Farm

      I am so happy that it’s working for your happy dog! It’s awesome that he can chase the ball again! We love to hear about the success stories related to our products!!! Thank you so much for writing the review!

  2. AMath

    I love the trippy hippy tincture! When I’m stressed out and can’t sleep- a half a plunger under the tongue and I relax enough to sink into a pleasing sleep. I highly recommend it! I am also a giant fan on the six shooter for sore muscles…

  3. Alexis Urtuzuastegui

    I am not one to normally write reviews, but I feel that these products deserve one. In our house we use a few of what Pink Chameleon offers and have been very happy with all of them. The products that we buy over and over again are:
    Pink Chameleon Food Ultimate Serum: We both use at night with moisturizer and have noticed that our skin does not break out at all and feels softer and shows less signs of aging.
    Pink Chameleon Salve: Use nightly on my cuticles and on minor cuts and scratches. This salve is a miracle worker. It heals any and all with little to no scarring.
    Six Shooter- This is a new product in our home and boy has it been a life saver. We recently moved and our bodies are not as young as they used to be. Putting this ointment on our aching muscles gives us overnight relief. It has a touch of a medicinal smell but the outcome makes it so you almost don’t notice it.
    Terpene Tincture 1000mg- This has been a lifesaver both literally and figuratively in our house. Figuratively it has given us the relief needed to get a decent nights sleep when our minds just won’t turn off. Literally, one of our older cats suffered, what we figured, was a stroke. She was walked a bit cross legged, could barely stand up, and was having issues all around. She is very slender so I gave her just a tip of the dropper to help her sleep and heal. We are going on the third day. She is growing stronger each day, eating voraciously once again, and not acting her 19 years of age at all.
    All in all, I say and and we because I use some alone and others are used by both of us in our home, but individually and collectively we agree that these products are top notch and the customer service is excellent. Although we have tried other products, these are worth the price and rival others that are more expensive and worth every penny. If you are looking for quality CBD homegrown products give Pink Chameleon a try. Oh and their tours, that will resume in the fall, are tons of fun, they know how to be great hosts as well.

  4. Judy (verified owner)

    The dog tincture has done wonders for my older Boston Terrier and her chronic sore elbows. After a week she is jumping off the couch free of pain, which she hasn’t done in years. She is also running around the yard with an ease she hasn’t had in a long time. We couldn’t be happier ! This product has been a life changer for our pup.

  5. Cory (verified owner)

    The 700 mg Dog Tincture has truly improved the quality of life of our 8 year old English Mastiff. She used to have a hard time getting down from the couch and was real stiff in the morning. The tincture has improved her joints and she is even running all over the yard, which she hasn’t done in years.

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